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  • 31 August 2021
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Where is the best place to get support for API related questions?  The API is maintained on GitHub, which has its own built in issue tracker.  Our support contract gives me access to the support portal where I can open tickets.  The Exchange gives me access to the Netbrain community.


Which is the “best” place to get support for API issues?  Specifically, when I send an authenticated request to the CMDB/Users API endpoint and I provide the authentication server, username, tenant, and domain parameters, I get back just basic user information for the given user.  If I don’t specify anything except the admin account name I get back a lot more data.  I’m assuming by not specifying tenant and domain, the API is pulling data at the system level for the username instead of the domain level.  For user tracking and auditing, I need to be able to get back the detailed data for domain users as well as system level users.


Sample of what I get back for domain users with external authentication:

        'username': 'USER1',
        'email': '',
        'firstName': 'MyName',
        'lastName': 'GivenNaem',
        'allowChangePassword': False,
        'lastUpdateTime': '2021-08-31T13:31:04.614Z'


What I’m getting from a system level account:

        'username': 'ADMINUSER',
        'email': '',
        'firstName': 'ADMIN',
        'lastName': 'USER',
        'description': 'description',
        'allowChangePassword': True,
        'isSystemAdmin': True,
        'isUserManager': True,
        'isSystemManager': True,
        'TenantAndRole': [{
                'tenantId': '11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111',
                'isAdmin': True,
                'domains': [{
                        'id': '11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111112',
                        'roles': ['Domain Admin', 'Domain User']
                'canAddDomain': True


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4 replies

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@DustinWi  Sorry for the late response. 

We suggest to post the simple questions, Netbrain Use Cases, and Ideas in the community. For the bugs and Complex issues(which needs data/logs to analyze), please consider to submit cases to Netbrain Support. 



Thank you, Gerry.  I’ll open a ticket when I come back around to testing this.

I am experiencing the same issue….Did you find a solution? I have created a ticket with TAC as well but in holding pattern at the moment so thought that I would reach out and check. 

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@dundernehr  I checked your case in our ticket system. It seems that it’s a different issue(Get Users API does not response all accounts, only local accounts, no external authentication). I notified the case owner and he may contact you shortly.


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