API call stub make a path and run a runbook with variable data on top

  • 23 February 2023
  • 1 reply

Hello all,


I do an API call to create a path (working well) and would like to run a runbook/qapp on the dynamic created map.

In the stub manager there is the possibility to add a runbook. The runbook itself is been put to the map and can be run manually.

But how could it be made with a variable input and a outomatical run? 

I already tried $destination to set as the input in the field Filter, as the varibale already exist in the “Map Creation” section but it is not taken as a variable.



The goal is make a path with source-destination , run the paket capture on the created map with  the filter set on the destination address.

1 reply

Hello eschulz,


I see you are trying to give a variable input inside a stub. This is totally possible for a qapp. 

Here I took a sample stub to first create a path (from src_ip to dst_ip) and then ping the dst_ip from each device in the path. 

Like you mentioned, the path will work fine and then we will need to follow below steps to give the variable input for a qapp. 


For this to work, we will first need to make sure the qapp is able to take variable input, like below. 

qapp input to enter destination IP to be pinged


qapp parser calling should be changed to have a variable input with “$” sign


Once the qapp is built to run variable input, the next step is to add the qapp to the runbook and save the Runbook Template. (you’ve already done this)

You will now need to add the runbook to the stub, to be run after the map creation. (you’ve already done this)

Once done - you will need to give the variable input for runbook in the below option. 

“input” option for the qapp in runbook
input the variable used to create the path “$destination”.

The above step will ensure the actual “Destination IP used to create the path” will be used as the “Destination IP to be pinged by Qapp”


Here I am attaching the actual result from my lab I just built. 


Let me know if you have any further questions. Will be happy to assist :) 




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