What will I lose if I uninstall the entire IE and reinstall from scratch?

  • 29 January 2024
  • 1 reply

I had an oopsi and now cannot get my front server reconnected. In the 2 server deployment I accidently hit yes on the uninstall front server controller and then it no longer accepted the credentials but I do believe I was using the same credentials. One of the tests were successful for reconnecting to the front server but yet it would never reconnect. So I thought why not jump back another level and uninstall FS and FSC and start over, now I have even less than I previously had. Suggestions on how to not lose a ton of work but get this deployment healthy again?

1 reply

@jkbriggs78 You will not lose any data when you uninstall FSC. To reinstall FSC and get more information, please contact the NetBrain support team.

Netbrain support :



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