Auto Intents into a Runbook

  • 23 April 2024
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I am looking to put an auto-intent into a runbook. Reason being is that I can export the diagnosis output of intents into a word document.


I dont think its natively possible to add an auto intent or auto intent profile into a runbook. Are there any work arounds? Any easy ways to add an auto intent/auto intent profile into a QAPP? Then add the QAPP into a runbook?

The auto intents are crucial as the replication logic is something we will use all the time due to different environments, hostnames etc - hence discounting common intents without the auto-replication via auto intent.



1 reply

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Hello Jack,

Currently there is no option to use auto intent in a Runbook, however, it looks like your objective is to export diagnosis output of intents into word document. There are some alternate approaches to achieve this. 


  • Use replicated intent cluster in runbook. Execute replicated member intents, then export it to word document.

Runbook exported word document sample


  • Define NI to export diagnosis results into a csv report. Then export csv report from Auto Intent pane.

Add logic to export csv report in intent diagnosis block:


Add diagnosis messages to csv report definition then replicate intent using intent template.


After executing the replicated intent in Auto Intent, open then intent and export the csv report.




Please reach NetBrain support for nay further questions on this. Thanks. 


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