You will get a chance to apply your network experience to use during this Hackathon where you will become proficient with NetBrain’s network automation to solve real-world challenges.  


The Hackathon 

  1. On the first Monday of every other month (six times yearly), NetBrain will release a set of challenges covering each of 4 common use cases

  2. The hackathon will run on a dedicated NetBrain environment with a live network. Network faults and changes will be inserted into the live network at predefined (for you to debug your automation) and unspecified times (for you to showcase the power of your automation).

  3. Participants will have 2 weeks to build, test and submit automations. During the last week of the challenge we will host a live session revealing reference answers, as well as winners and their winning solutions. This session will be open to our entire customer base so everyone can benefit from learning from others’ great ideas.

  4. After you are done, log onto using your account to SUBMIT YOUR SOLUTION for the Hackathon!  

4 common use cases:

  1. Map and Design: Use automation to decode, baseline and map complex hybrid network designs
  2. Auto Diagnosis: From repetitive issues to highly impactful incidents, use automation to diagnose tough problems
  3. Network Assessment: From mis-configurations, best practices, or network instabilities; use automation to continuously assess the entire network for hidden problems.
  4. Safe Change: Use automation to make safe changes. Ensure your changes accomplished the intended result, and did not cause any unintended consequences.

Prizes and Recognition:

  1. Points – Each hackathon will be out of 100 points. Points will be accumulated throughout the year and used to calculate the overall Hackathon Leader Board
  2. Raffle – Each submission earns you a chance to win in a raffle occurring every 6 months (3 hackathon editions), for a total possible 3 raffle chances every 6 months.
  3. Badges – Gold, silver and bronze badges will be awarded each hackathon edition
    1. Cumulative points will enable participants to earn special Master of Automation and Grand Master of Automation badges
    2. Badges can be added to LinkedIn, and other social media platforms to showcase your automation
  4. Community – Points earned in the hackathon will contribute toward our NetBrain Exchange Leader Board. Join our community now to start earning points, show your skills, and help others.

To be qualified to participate in the Hackathon:

  1. You have completed at least one Power User after August 2023.
  2. Not Qualified yet? - Register for the Power User Training.

Support Resources:


Hackathon Terms & Conditions